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Professionals Who and Where?

Find Professionals


See our map below! Everyone listed here is:

  • Offering Enneagram services in Ireland and the UK and are likely to be located here

  • Professionally qualified with the schools recommended on our website… and/or is

  • An accredited professional member of the International Enneagram Association.

If you meet these criteria and would like to feature here, please contact the Enneagram Alive team at

How to use the map

Fully qualified Enneagram Practitoners and Panel Facilitators are represented by the orange dropped pins and Enneagram Typing Practitioners are represented by the grey dropped pins. All Enneagram Practitioners and Panel Faciitators also all qualify as Typing Practitioners as part of their training.


Scroll down the list to view all practitioners in the UK and Ireland or simply click on a map pin. You can choose the category by clicking on the drop down arrows at the top of the listing on the left of the map. Not all practitioners have websites in which case, their email contact is provided.

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