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The Somatic Enneagram

Somatic Enneagram Training 2024


Enneagram Alive is working in partnership with Marion Gilbert to bring her Somatic Enneagram to the UK and Europe in 2023-2024 (Modules 1-5). We are pleased to announce next year's programme for her Somatic Enneagram Training and Certification Programme and delighted to be the hosts in the UK for the more advanced  Modules 4 - 5. Grow Your Passion and Danmarks Enneagram Skole are acting as hosts for Modules 1- 3.


Dates are as follows:​








What is the Somatic Enneagram?

As we start to use the Enneagram to understand ourselves better, we want to have more options for how we respond to life (rather than being “on automatic” in our type patterns). Our past history has hard-wired us to stick with what we know, our type patterns, because they keep us safe…. But they also keep us small, unable to open to our full self.Marion Gilbert’s Somatic Enneagram approach brings together her background in body-based therapies (Shiatsu, Cranio-sacral) with her therapeutic and Enneagram practice.  Read more on Marion's website here >>>>>

FREE Webinars to introduce you to the Somatic Enneagram

Marion is also running two webinars in partnership with us to give you a taste of the Somatic Enneagram approach and enable you to get your questions answered before the training.

Date: Thurs 7 SEPT 2023  19:00-20:30 (CET)

Theme: Introduction and Modules 1-3

News and events trigger our reactivity and we need our type patterns to protect us from being overwhelmed. But our type patterns limit our experience of the world.  The Somatic Enneagram teaches you how to work with your reactivity and rewire your responses to life’s challenges. In this webinar Marion will introduce you to Somatic Enneagram processes and invite you to have a go! She will guide you to experience safely the power and benefits of the somatic approach. You can also talk with Marion about Modules 1-3 of the training which she is running iin Denmark from the 11th-16th of January 2024. Come and find out what’s it’s all about! Register in advance for this meeting:


Date: Mon 19 FEB 2024 18:00-20:30 (GMT)

Theme: Deeper Somatic Inquiry and Modules 4-5


Modules 1-3 of Marion’s Somatic Enneagram Training enable you to experience and start to use somatic approaches to enhance your own inner journey and growth.  In Modules 4 and 5 you start to learn how to use this powerful approach with other people, while deepening and extending your own somatic practice.  Come along to this webinar to experience the somatic inquiry method!  You can also talk with Marion about Modules 4 and 5, which she is running in the UK from 16-21 May 2024. Register in advance for this meeting by contacting Heather Brown

Interested? Accommodation details, prices and joining instructions are available here.

Please note that when registering, you will be asked to provide details of your existing Enneagram experience.

Interested and need more information? If you want to chat before you enrol, contact Heather Brown

Modules 1-3
Denmark (Næstved)

11-16 January 2024

Read more and register for Denmark

Recorded to help satisfy your curiosity about what this “missing piece” of the Enneagram is really about and what it can teach us. Marion and Heather have recorded the  session below to provide you with some insight and compelling answers.

Q&A Video
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