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Professionalism & the Enneagram

What to look for in an Enneagram Workshop?


Or to find a great coach, counsellor or team facilitator who is Enneagram aware? Use the information and checklists here to help you find some options and make a good decision on who to approach.

Internationally, there is an ever-increasing number of organisations offering Enneagram courses, workshops, coaching and professional qualifications. With the proliferation of online learning, these are more and more accessible to us here in Ireland and the UK.  

But it pays to realise that the Enneagram is not trademarked. The Enneagram community fought long and hard for professional accreditation not to be required so the Enneagram could be widely available and not locked up in the copyright of a few providers. As a result, absolutely anyone can offer Enneagram courses. It comes as no surprise then, that the quality of what’s on offer varies hugely. To compound the problem, in our media-led world, fine words and professional marketing can be misleading.

We strongly recommend that you choose to work with a school or individual accredited with one of the mainstream Enneagram schools listed below and/or by the International Enneagram Association. But we know there are some good people out there who are not accredited. And we’re aiming to help you find Enneagram next steps that work for you. 

We’d like you to have a great experience when you meet the Enneagram! 

Download our checklists to help you make the best choice:

Enneagram Schools

The main schools for certified teaching, training and professional accreditation in Ireland and the UK are:

Enneagram Professional Body

The International Enneagram Association (IEA) is the only international professional body for the Enneagram. It encourages good practice and accredits a number of Enneagram professionals and programmes against rigorous criteria.


You can find a list of IEA accredited professionals here and a list of accredited schools here.

Enneagram Alive Professionals Page 

The individuals listed on our site are all:

  • Offering Enneagram services in Ireland and the UK and are likely to be located here

  • Professionally qualified with the schools recommended on our website… and/or are

  • Professional members of the IEA and are offering services in Ireland and the UK. 

If you meet these criteria and would like to feature here, please contact us.

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