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What is The Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a symbol found in ancient geometry as an ever-moving map of connection, movement and change.


The word “ennea” is Greek for nine and “gram” simply means model or figure.


Only in the past 70 years have Westerners begun to discover its potential use in many fields, from music and architecture to the nature of humanity.

So why the storm of interest today?

Right now, the Enneagram is best-known as a personality model and that’s our focus here.

Many of us would love to have a road map or sat nav as we find our way through life: career choices, relationships, the moves we choose to make, the opportunities seized and missed.

The Enneagram IS a such a map, helping us better understand ourselves and the people around us. 


The symbol’s nine points describe nine different ways of seeing, feeling, knowing and experiencing the world: nine ‘styles’ or ‘types’. 


It holds a mirror up to who we are and how we live, both WHAT we do and WHY we do it. It links what’s on the surface with our inner world, our actions with our motivations. How we see ourselves and how others see us.


What if you could discover this and more? Come as you are, today. See yourself and others in a kinder and more friendly light? Build better relationships with family, partners, friends and colleagues. It’s a time-tested system that can be applied to every area of life.

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