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The Nine Types

Perfectionist - EA.png

Type One


At Point ONE, you have a very strong sense of how things should and ought to be. 

A sense of “what good looks like”.

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Giver - EA_edited.png

Type Two


At Point TWO, you need to feel seen, valued, liked, appreciated and above all needed by the people around you.

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Performer - EA_edited.png

Type Three


At Point THREE you need the world to see your positive, efficient and successful approach to life.

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Romantic - EA.png

Type Four


At point FOUR you ride an emotional wave where everything is felt intensely

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Observer - EA_edited.png

Type Five


At point FIVE you need to remain self-sufficient, level-headed, calm, well-informed about anything you may have to deal with.

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Questioner - EA_edited.png

Type Six

Loyal Sceptic/Devil’s Advocate

At point Six your mind is on ‘fast forward’ with a pragmatic focus on what’s happening and how it will all play out in future.

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Epicure - EA.png

Type Seven


At Point Seven your internal world brings fireworks, sparks flying in all directions as the mind spins and turns with future possibility.

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Protector - EA.png

Type Eight


At Point Eight there’s a raw energy, a fighting spirit, a life-force to be reckoned with.  You stand firm and strong in the conviction that injustice demands action and must be addressed. 

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Type Nine


At Point Nine you need calm, comfort and a strong felt sense of peace and harmony, both within you and in your surroundings.

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Mediator - EA.png
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