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Enneagram Communities

Finding an Enneagram Community

Enneagram communities in the UK and Ireland abound. Most Enneagram teachers and practitioners host smaller events and regular group meetings in their area. Information on these can be found on their websites or by contacting them directly via the email addresses provided on the Accredited Professionals page on this site.

Enneagram Alive also hosts a series of regional Meet Up sites and pages where you can get in touch with other like-minded people with an interest in the Enneagram.

Enneagram Alive London Meet up

Enneagram Alive South Meet up

Enneagram Alive North West Meet up

Enneagram Alive Dublin Meet up

Enneagram Alive South West Meet up

Enneagram Alive East Anglia Meet up


Here we list some of these communities and events, but we make no claim to this being a complete listing. If you are running a group or event and would like it listed on the Enneagram Alive site, please send an enquiry to one of the Enneagram Alive team and we will contact you to discuss adding it to this site.

Monthly Panels in the Narrative Tradition (Online)


London Enneagram Centre’s monthly meetings have gone online via Zoom – so they are open to anyone, not necessarily those who are based in or near London.

These panels are hosted by  Rosemary Cowan from 7pm to 8.45pm on the third Wednesday of the month. Ticket price is £5.00 per panel. Contact: For further details see EVENTS.


Online monthly panels in Ireland are facilitated by Phyllis Jordan and Therese Ryan, both Enneagram teachers in the Narrative Tradition based in the West of Ireland.


Tickets cost €10 and proceeds go to the Simon Community and the Irish Hospice Foundation.

If you would like to be notified about our monthly panels please email: or

Practitioner's Forum

Heather Brown and Liz West facilitate a quarterly Enneagram Practitioners' Forum. This is open to anyone who is interested in using the Enneagram with others - you don't have to be a qualified Enneagram teacher or coach.  At each session we discuss a topic raised by the group. Past topics include working one-to-one with clients, type bias in teaching and plenty more. If you would like to take part in this group, please contact

Regular Groups



Meeting in central Manchester. Contact or book a place via


The Oxford Enneagram Group, which is for people who are working with the Enneagram already. Full details from Liz West at:


Shaftesbury, Wilts. A monthly ‘Circle’, a safe and sacred space where new possibilities and connections emerge. We work with Taoist, Celtic and Plant Spirit wisdom as well as the Enneagram. Full details at: or from Helen English at:


The St Albans Group meets on Zoom, creating a local network community. Information from


For those who know their type and subtype and have been working with the Enneagram.

Please contact if you want more details on future events.


EPP has established a paid workforce of teachers who act as “guides” for our  students in prison, and support us as we scale our programs nationally and globally.  Guide training demands each participant’s strong foundational understanding of the Enneagram System and especially the dynamics of one’s own Enneagram type structure.

Applicants with Enneagram Teacher Certification through an International Enneagram Association (IEA) Accredited School are strongly preferred. Click here for more information on the EPP USA Guide Training Program.

For information on UK developments on Guide training, contact Christine Adames at

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