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What’s On?


Most Enneagram events and workshops, including events further afield than the UK and Ireland, are published and updated daily on Enneagram Events Facebook page. This page is moderated by Teresa Daniels, an Enneagram Alive Team Member, who checks the posts to ensure that the events are run by certified teachers.


If you are a certified teacher and would like to post your event, please use this page or our Enneagram Alive Facebook page to do so.


Enneagram Alive is running a series of monthly webinars* offering inspiration from a range of talented people within our network and beyond.


Our June Webinar is on

Wednesday 13 July 2022, 7.30 - 9.00 pm

Title: An Introduction to Focusing: Discovering the More of Who We Are

Presenter: Therese Ryan

Focusing is a gentle and natural practice during which we bring a compassionate curiosity to our felt sense of a situation, allowing something new and fresh to emerge. We  experience the "more" of who we are, beneath the patterns of our type. This experiential workshop will introduce you to the gentle power of Focusing.  "Nothing that feels bad is ever the last step". Eugene Gendlin

Therese is a Narrative Enneagram teacher and a Focusing Professional.





POSTPONED: Our next webinar is entitled The Wisdom of the Inner Triangle

We are sorry to let you know that (for health reasons) Karen Webb’s 13 June webinar has been re-scheduled for the autumn.We will contact you again as soon as we have confirmed the new date. Your existing ticket will remain valid. Thank you for your understanding and please do get in touch on enneafest@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Karen Webb will help us unlock the wisdom of the Enneagram's Inner Triangle joining points 3-6-9.  Drawing on a lifetime of deep exploration, Karen explains how the Inner Triangle forms the essential structure and framework of the Enneagram symbol and the wisdom encoded here. She believes the triangle holds the core truth of ALL human experience. The nine distinct types/points arise from it, are anchored by it and are further expressed in the symbol as a map of the human condition.

* There is a £10 charge for these online events. *Any profits from this talk go to Enneagram Alive



Enneagram Alive publishes a quarterly newsletter which highlights future events coming up in Ireland and the UK.


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Monthly Panels

In addition there are several regular monthly panels which run in Ireland and the UK and some one-off events and workshops which are listed here.


Enneagram Alive is proud and pleased to have hosted the

biggest and most exciting UK based Enneagram event in 2022 - 

EnneaFest 2022 in Birmingham in April.

Click here to view the programme and speaker line up.

Individual Practitioners

There are over 30 accredited practitioners listed on this website, many of whom run workshops and courses on a regular basis.

Check out the Accredited Practitioner Listings to find workshops in your local area.

Please use our Choosing a Provider guidelines when deciding what may be of interest to you.