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Meet the Team

Enneagram Alive is a collaborative, non-profit organisation. The team making it happen are working for love not money! What keeps us here is our passion for the Enneagram and how it changes lives.


The core team has been hands-on, co-ordinating Enneagram Alive activities, running the EnneaFest and developing this website.


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I’m a leadership development consultant,and coach, and since 2004 a qualified Enneagram teacher. I'm a core tutor for Enneagram Training. I love the Enneagram because it's a tool of compassion and can take us as deep on our inner journey as we want to go. It's made a profound difference to my own life and I can’t imagine being without it. I'm keen to see the Enneagram become as widely known as possible, to develop ways for people to contact each other, and find groups and/or the development they want.



I’m here – and co-founded Enneagram Alive with Heather Brown – because the Enneagram is life-changing! It brings insight and compassion, changes lives for the better. In 40 years of professional leadership development work and coaching, I’ve not found a better resource. For personal and spiritual guidance, it’s equally powerful. Now 21 years and counting, I just wish I’d found it sooner. That’s why I invest time and energy – professionally and personally.  I’m passionate about more and more people discovering the Enneagram.



I am a retired psychology lecturer and a certified teacher in the Narrative Tradition. I volunteer on the core Enneagram Alive and EnneaFest team and I run Enneagram Events, a worldwide Facebook group. I do all three to help others access good quality teaching and to help develop the UK and Ireland Enneagram community. I feel fellowship and high-quality teaching are key for people who want to engage with the Enneagram in a meaningful way. I’m keen to promote a way in that is affordable and inclusive for people everywhere.


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Since discovering the Enneagram over 30 years ago, it’s been a constant companion supporting me throughout my personal and professional life. I am a certified teacher of the Enneagram and work as a leadership and team coach. I am passionate about developing emotionally astute and intelligent leaders in the corporate world. As part of Enneagram Alive, I firmly believe in the place of the Enneagram in all walks of life and am whole-heartedly dedicated to creating a bigger, vibrant Enneagram community both here and abroad.



Coming from a Christian tradition I have found that the Enneagram has had a significant impact on my faith journey as it peels back our defence mechanism to discover more of the true self. I am delighted to be involved with Enneagram Alive as we try to join the dots between the various Enneagram traditions within the UK in order to support and encourage each other. I am excited about what we can do together over these next few years.



There’s an active wider team and community that currently includes, but is not limited to: Jane Carlton, Bethany Chamberlain, Rosemary Cowan, Jill Foulger, Gordon Melvin, Martin Quigley, Therese Ryan, Fergus Sullivan, Karen Webb and Liz West.

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