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Welcome to Enneagram Alive

Enneagram Alive is a collaborative, non-profit organisation without commercial bias. We’re about all things Enneagram in Ireland and the UK, bringing together the best of what’s on offer.

Use our website to find trusted information, professional support, like-minded friends, community events and more.

Enneagram Alive supports individuals interested in the Enneagram. We create a welcoming community for all to learn and grow together. Discover your true self with us.

About Us - Enneagram Alive


Explore Enneagram Alive's resources: Webinars, Facebook groups, Monthly panels, EnneaFest, and more. Connect with practitioners and stay up-to-date with our newsletter.

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Find Enneagram professionals near you with our Enneagram Professionals Map. Grow personally and professionally through the Enneagram.

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Enneagram Alive publishes newsletters featuring news, events, views, reviews, and contributions from members of the Enneagram Alive community in Ireland and the UK.

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About Us

About Us

Enneagram Alive | A lifeforce for the Enneagram in Ireland and the UK where you can connect with:

  • A vibrant community of Enneagram users, personal and professional

  • A dynamic information hub for Enneagram resources, helping you find workshops, practitioners, community groups and more

  • A standard-bearer for quality, ethics and professional practice

About Us - Enneagram Alive
The Enneagram and Human Sexuality with Dr Frederik Coene
The Enneagram and Human Sexuality with Dr Frederik Coene
23 Jul 2024, 19:30 BST
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