Enneagram Alive Webinars

Enneagram Alive Monthly Webinars

Enneagram Alive is running a series of monthly webinars* offering inspiration from a range of talented people within our network and beyond.

January Webinar

Presenter:   Veronica Whitty

Date:           Weds 11 January 2023

Time:          19.30-21.00 GMT

Enneagram Alive welcomes Veronica Whitty as

presenter for our first webinar of 2023 on

The Enneagram and Dreamwork.


This webinar by Veronica Whitty provides a unique opportunity to work on the dream of anyone who knows their type and/or subtype. Dreams show us the consequences of what we are doing and inform us when the wishes of the ego are threatening our psychic or spiritual well-being. The more the ego censors the dream message, the more disturbing the dreams become. We use dreams as a mirror for issues.


Veronica invites you, if you wish, to send her information ahead of the webinar about a dream or dreams you have had. Examples of dream descriptions can be found here. She requests that you email your dream to her at veronicawhitty@hotmail.com with the following information, and as no more than one A4 page:

  • Date of dream

  • Title of dream in the form of a question

  • Its affect i.e. waking feeling

  • A picture/simple sketch of the dream if possible.


*There is a £10 charge for this webinar.


Save the dates!

We are presently putting together an inspiring Spring programme for you with presenters including Rosemary Cowan, Marion Gilbert. and Henrie Lidiard. Details will be published and emailed as soon as they are finalised but in the meantime, you can SAVE THE DATES and mark them in your diaries.

Rosemary Cowan: Weds 15 February 2023, 19.30-21.00

Are you my Type, Am I yours? The Enneagram in Relationships

Marion Gilbert: Weds 15th March 2023, 19.30 -21.00

The Somatic Enneagram

Henrie Lidiard: Weds 12th April 2023, 19.30 -21.00

Title TBD


*There is a £10 charge* for these online events.


Past Webinars

Nov 2022

Title: Getting Creative with the Flow of Life

Presented by: Helen English

Helen presented an intriguing study and interpretation of importance of symbols and how hese symbols map the flow of energy in our environment and within people too, as individuals, and groups. A lovely, interative webinar tdemonstrating how moving proactively with the wings and arrows of the Enneagram becomes a language of change and continuous movement. A language that helps us engage more positively with spirit, our own essence and with the world around us.


Sept 2022

Title: Typing, Mistyping,and a newType Test

Presented by: Beatrice Chestnut

When we learn the Enneagram and all the many insights it gives us into our personalities, the first challenge is to find your correct type. In this webinar, Enneagram teacher and author, Beatrice Chestnut, discussed the sources of mistyping, what it takes to find your type in an accurate way, and the new type test she co-created with UK native Fergus Sullivan and her business and teaching partner, Uranio Paes.


June 2022

Title: An Introduction to Focusing: Discovering the More of Who We Are

Presented by: Therese Ryan
Focusing is a gentle and natural practice during which we bring a compassionate curiosity to our felt sense of a situation, allowing something new and fresh to emerge. We  experience the "more" of who we are, beneath the patterns of our type. This experiential workshop will introduce you to the gentle power of Focusing.  "Nothing that feels bad is ever the last step". Eugene Gendlin. Therese is a Narrative Enneagram teacher and a Focusing Professional.

May 2022

Title: The Enneagram's Ancient Egyptian Origins

Presented by: Teresa Daniels

Uplifted by an Egyptian pilgrimage with Enneagram master Russ Hudson, Teresa shared photos, stories and learning on the roots of the contemporary Enneagram that lie deep in the Egyptian past. The talk followed the footsteps of Gurdjieff and the Desert Fathers and Mothers, through sacred sites and mystical temples in an ancient land, to find out what may be uncovered about the Enneagram symbol and its origins, so often described as lost in antiquity?