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Summer 2024

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Welcome to our Summer 2024 newsletter.
How quickly the time has flown since the last issue in Spring. We are are hoping that you will find the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the joys of summer - leave behind those everyday stresses and make the time to smell some roses!


A big thank you to those who contributed the following articles. Please continue to send
Helen Calder, our commissing editor, your articles, book reviews and notices of events. Happy reading!

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Autumn edition 2023

One Day in Dublin

To celebrate we’re hosting our first in person event in Dublin, Ireland, this Autumn. Along with our colleagues in Ireland -  Martin Quigley, Phyllis Jordan, Therese Ryan - we'd love you to join us.

 Enneagram Alive Webinars

Our webinars are increasing in popularity and we have had excellent participation in the first half of the year. We really appreciate your support and hope to see you at upcoming webinars.

Hoping that you enjoyed May's webinar with Valerie Tih and looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming webinar in June with Phyllis Jordan whom many of you know.  After a short break in August, we will resume our monthly webinars. We have some great speakers lined up for you. Make sure you don't miss out. Click here to see full listing.

Coming up soon!

Workshops & Events from People in our Community

In this article, Anna has kindly shared her experience and memories of what it entails and means to become a certified Enneagram Typing Practitioner. If you are resident in the UK or Ireland and have recently qualified with an accredited school and would like to be included on the Enneagram Practitioner Map, please contact one of the Enneagram Alive team with your request.

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There is a sadness in my heart as I walk down the lane at the back of my house and see a beloved tree has gone or see fields of sheep replaced by houses. There is a sense of yearning to replace what has been lost.  There can be a sense of melancholy over change to familiar landscapes, but these are arguably small compared to the experiences of others from climate change, war, poverty, AI, geopolitics as well as politics at home and abroad.

Enneagram communities in the UK and Ireland abound. Most Enneagram teachers and practitioners host smaller events and regular group meetings in their area. And find out more about Professional Training programmes offered by our partners.

As part of the foundation year of Enneagram Practitioner Training according to the Narrative Tradition, Enneagram Training UK holds an intensive 5-day workshop in April each year. People who would like professional Enneagram training start with the foundation year before going on to further training. It is also open to those who are interested in personal development, rather than obtaining a qualification.

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