Enneagram Organisations

Enneagram Organisations

There are two main ‘schools’ of Enneagram teaching:


  • Enneagram Studies in The Narrative Tradition (ESNT): founded by Helen Palmer and David Daniels
  • The Enneagram Institute: founded by Don Riso and Russ Hudson

    Some Enneagram Alive South West members have also encountered The Enneagram as a result of their involvement in ‘The Diamond Approach’, founded by AH Almaas: this is also referenced below.

    It’s a real treat in recent months to see these seminal teachers coming together, sharing conference platforms and training sessions, both in person and in international web seminars.

    Social Media. Most of the organisations also have an expanding social media presence too, on facebook, Linked In, etc., in addition to the web links shown here.

    Enneagram Groups Online: growing fast! There are lots – some being much better than others! If you’ve first hand experience, feel free to share comments or recommendations on our Enneagram Alive message board, so we can include them here.

    Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition (ESNT)

    Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition delivers programs grounded in the Narrative Tradition, offering an interactive exploration of the Enneagram through inquiry with panelists who share their personal stories and insights. (ESNT) offers The new Enneagram Narrative Curriculum, the next generation of the Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP) founded by Helen Palmer and David Daniels, MD in 1988, began in February 2014. This is available in 15 countries worldwide.

    Enneagram Institute

    The Enneagram Institute was formed in 1997 by Don Riso and Russ Hudson to further their research and development of the Enneagram as an approach to understanding human nature. The Institute is engaged in presenting Workshops and Trainings in the Insight Approach® around the world, as well as publishing books, tests, audiotapes, and other materials to raise awareness of the Enneagram.

    Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition (EANT).

    Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition is the sister organization of Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition (ESNT), EANT’s mission is to promote and foster a strong and connected worldwide community of those trained or interested in the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition. Runs an annual conference (usually in the US) and monthly TALK newsletter for members.

    Enneagram Europe

    Enneagram Europe offers an extensive, in-depth and specialist range of English-speaking Enneagram Courses in the Narrative Tradition. Based in the Netherlands and with 15 years of experience in delivering Enneagram training in business, coaching and also spiritual settings, Enneagram Europe has developed a strong suite of courses for personal, professional and spiritual development grounded in the Enneagram.

    International Enneagram Assocation (IEA)

    The International Enneagram Association has a rich history and is active worldwide. In addition to being an international association of members committed to furthering the theory and applications of the Enneagram, the IEA also has local Chapters in the United States and Canada and countrywide Affiliates throughout the world. The IEA’s Vision is: “a world in which the Enneagram is widely understood and constructively used." Its mission is to help members thrive by providing opportunities for:

  • Developing greater excellence in the use of the Enneagram
  • Education in theory and application of the Enneagram
  • Engagement with an international community of shared interest and diversified approach.
    There’s a member newsletter Nine Points Magazine

    Ridhwan School and Diamond Approach

    The Rhidwan School is an affiliation of ongoing Diamond Approach groups, which has been unfolding over the last 30 years and now has members in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere. Hameed Ali (A.H. Almaas) is the spiritual head of the School, while individual groups are taught by qualified Ridhwan teachers. The Diamond Approach is the spiritual teaching, the path, and the method of the Ridhwan School. The Ridhwan Foundation is the nonprofit spiritual organization established to support and preserve the integrity of the Diamond Approach teaching. Students work with the Enneagram with support from founder A.H. Almaas and teachers such as Sandra Maitri.