EnneaFest 2017 Workshop Outlines

Conference Design & Approach

Our Vision

for the Enneafest is one of sharing and learning in a peer-learning community and our design principles flow from that. We’re especially committed to the principle that everyone – session facilitators and participants alike – are on a shared journey of discovery. The Enneagram is not an ‘invention’ or finite model but a sacred symbol we are uncovering, remembering and learning to apply. This is a collective endeavour and every voice in the room is valid. With this in mind, from the Opening Welcome onwards we’re seeking to enable learning and inquiry and to create opportunities for conversation, questions and mutual exchange.

Enjoy the EnneaFest!

With two 7s on our team, we want the EnneaFest to be a relaxed, inspiring and enjoyable weekend. There’s social space, in-depth Enneagram information, meditation, good company, vital conversation, music and bodywork. Meanwhile on the doorstep, there are great pubs and restaurants, the superb Widcombe Deli, several cafes and a farm shop. Bath City Centre is a few minutes walk and there are delightful riverside walks nearby.

Open Space Sessions

In order to be responsive, on the day, to ideas and interests emerging, we will have a ‘graffiti wall’ throughout, where you can post ideas, comments and questions. We’ll use Open Space Technology, in its true form, to identify further potential mini-workshop sessions, from participants or guest speakers, and will select/offer these in the structured way this methodology affords.


Workshop Outlines

9 Keys to Enneagram Transformation –  Uranio Paes

“OK, this is my personality type and that’s helpful.  But now what?

This is the question so many of us ask, for ourselves, or on behalf of colleagues, friends and clients. Uranio will respond to this theme, addressing it at many different levels, to the benefit of individuals, coaches and Enneagram professionals. All will find insight and food for thought.

Uranio draws on the wisdom of Spiritual Traditions and Psycho-Spiritual paths combined with the experience of working with over 15,000 students in the past 25 years. He gratefully acknowledges how students have themselves contributed and shaped his understanding.

Uranio will define nine crucial elements to consider and bring into focus when creating a personal transformation plan using the Enneagram. He will help you focus and organise ideas on how to develop a plan for you or your clients, along both psychological and spiritual lines.

In addition to addressing common problems, doubts and concerns that arise all too often, once development plans are underway. He will also explain how we may be able to operate the shock points on Three and Six in the Enneagram diagram for our growth. This session offers:

  • A fascinating insight into the Enneagram wisdom Uranio now brings, much of which has been inaccessible via English-language sources, until now
  • An opportunity to significantly broaden our understanding of the Enneagram and how it can be applied
  • A chance to evaluate, in a practical way, our own self development plans and practices (and those we define for our clients)
  • Valuable resources and inspiration for client work: in coaching, counselling, therapy, consulting and more besides


The Enneagram’s 27 Subtypes – Beatrice Chestnut

Beatrice’ presentation is based on the work of pioneering Enneagram author Claudio Naranjo and his latest articulation of the 27 Instinctual Subtypes. She draws also on her book, ‘The Complete Enneagram – 27 Paths to Greater Self Knowledge’, insights gained from leading numerous workshops on this material around the world and her own on-going study with Naranjo himself.

This session introduces three versions of each of the nine personality types. Each of the 27 personalities represents a distinct, dynamic mixture of the central passion and patterns of the type, and one of the three biological survival drives: for self-preservation, social relationships and one-to-one bonding. Each emerges as a unique personality with its own more specific focus of attention and characteristic habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Understanding the 27 characters greatly expands the clarity and power of the Enneagram system and helps you:

  • Appreciate the 27 different personalities, their distinct patterns and growth paths
  • Access more nuanced information about the Enneagram system and how to apply it
  • Find your correct type and subtype and learn more about your own behaviour patterns
  • Understand why two people of the same type may differ significantly and
  • Develop greater awareness of your own most automatic, instinctual tendencies
  • Improve your skill at guiding people to finding their correct type


Neurons & Non-Duality: The Three Brain Centres & Spiritual Wisdom Karen Webb

  • How does our biology affect our spirituality and vice versa?
  • Is there a ‘God spot’ in the brain?
  • Can meditation and other spiritual practices change the brain?
  • How do we define the brain and what is its importance?
  • What role does it play in our experiences of unity, the numinous, and One Mind?
  • How does the Enneagram help us towards understanding the interplay between body (neurons) and spirit (non-duality)?

Our neurons are the carriers of – awareness, the thoughts and emotions that arise in life, our knowledge of the trap of type patterns and our desire to become freer of them. They are also the carriers of awareness of the exquisite numinous, of one-ness, what some call connection to God.

  • Can our increasing understanding of neurological process help the process of transformation?

The three centres inform our everyday lives second by second, but also help us to embody and experience the Divine.

  • How do we express our highest qualities as embodied spiritual beings?
  • How can this creatively inform our everyday responses to life?

In this taster session, come and help me explore a new insight into how Holy Idea and Virtue get subverted into Fixation and Passion. An intense workshop of meditation, guided imagery, heated discussion, and discovery.


The Enneagram in Personal Development Gert Jurg

In this workshop personal coach Gert Jurg will introduce you to a new Enneagram model of coaching and transformation based on his book ‘The Enneagram in Personal Development’. How do we move from vice to virtue? How do we move from our Type Passion to Holy Idea? As author, coach and trainer Gert has made a unique contribution to the practice of Enneagram-based personal growth. With our essential quality in focus, Gert will suggest three ways in which we move away – get in to trouble – and how this process can be reversed. In this workshop Gert invites you to discover the process and evaluate it for yourself, through personal inquiry.


Meditation & The Enneagram: A Powerful Blend – Rosemary Cowan

Meditation has been known for centuries as an aid to living a more skillful life. Combined with knowledge of our Enneagram type, it is a powerful tool for self-management and self-development. Practising meditation helps us to relax our automatic defences and have more choice about our responses. In the process we develop qualities that aid wellbeing such as compassion, love, generosity, patience and forgiveness.

Using the Enneagram, this experiential workshop will introduce you to various meditation practices and explore the particular blocks experienced by each of the types, suggesting ways to overcome them.


Enneagram Beyond Type – Grahame Morgan Watson

This session will use an Enneagram Nine Domains approach to enhance interpersonal relationships.

Don Riso came up with the Nine Domains Approach as a way of supporting team and organisational development. Instead of us seeing each point in terms of personality type, we look at the higher level function that each point offers as a necessary element for any living organism to survive and thrive. Grahame will provide a brief introduction to how this can build stronger relationships and deepen our understanding of diversity.


The Emerging Field of mBIT: Insights from Neuroscience and Three Centres – Henrie Lydiard

If introducing the Enneagram and our 3 ‘centres of intelligence’ has ever seemed a little vague, esoteric or mysterious for some audiences – there is now compelling evidence from the rapidly evolving fields of neuro-gastroenterology, and neuro-cardiology that we do indeed have ‘brains’ or centres of intelligence in our head, heart and gut.

This short presentation will give a taste of some of these exciting findings as brought together by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu in their emerging field of mBIT (or Multiple Brain Integration Techniques). mBIT is a blend of ideas from ancient wisdom traditions and contemporary insights from neuroscience, brain imaging and behavioural psychology that form an elegantly simple approach to coaching, self awareness, leadership and change.


3-Centred Presence: Enneagram Bodywork – Angus Clark & Helen English

3-Centred Presence’ is an Enneagram bodywork session inspired by Angus’ ‘Living Movement’ approach to life, bringing us into deeper connection with ourselves and our life force. Three-centred consciousness – Heart, Mind and Body – is vital to true Presence, as articulated by Peter Senge, Joseph Jaworski, Otto Scharmer and many more. Three-centred awareness is also core to spiritual growth, as articulated within the Enneagram and all the great Spiritual traditions. [See Cynthia Bourgeault’s ‘The Wisdom Way of Knowing’ for a concise, easy, yet profound read on this theme.]

Greater presence means feeling more alive, discovering our own natural way and being more in touch with our true nature. But simply agreeing it’s a good idea is not enough! This is something we discover only in practice. This workshop is about an embodied, somatic experience that expands our capacity for presence and makes profound sense of our Enneagram insights.

Over the past 15 years Helen English has been fascinated by how her work with Angus Clark has echoed and affirmed her Enneagram learning and vice versa. If, at the EnneaFest, you’re curious about these ideas, or simply in need of a change of tempo, come and join Angus and Helen. You don’t need to be healthy or agile! Angus is particularly skilled at helping us ‘come to our senses’ quickly, easily and gently; into our bodies and the present moment. Helen’s Enneagram awareness – and yours – will combine with Angus’ skill, creating a relaxed and magical inquiry.


Creative Approaches to Running a ‘Meet the Enneagram’ Session

How do we introduce The Enneagram to people who’ve not come across it before? How can we do it justice in a short space of time? Despite passion and enthusiasm, it’s all too easy to overwhelm friends, colleagues or workshop participants. So what’s the answer?

This session is an exceptional opportunity to hear, share and learn about what works well. Heather Brown will hold the space, helping us draw on an incredible range of expertise in the room. We’ll benefit from the extensive experience of EnneaFest session leaders including Bea Chestnut, Rosemary Cowan, Grahame Morgan-Watson, Karen Webb and others, plus much more, from among our delegates, many of whom also bring years of experience to bear.

If you’ve run beginners’ workshops yourself, please come and join in. You don’t have to be an expert facilitator. Ideally, bring activities/handouts to share: we’ll have a projector and flipchart, you can distribute handouts  and/or “just do it” in the moment. It is also an opportunity to bring questions you’re holding.

Or just come to listen and learn… that’s fine too.  Please bear in mind this is a community session, not a formal workshop. We believe it will be the richer for it.


Open Space: ‘Enneagram Instincts & Subtypes Intensive’ Taster – Uranio Paes & Bea Chestnut

This is a taster session for two 5-day workshops, which Uranio and Bea will host later this year. One in Helsinki, Finland and one in the UK.

Instincts and Subtypes are an area of Enneagram theory generating considerable interest right now, and in equal measure – considerable confusion! Not least because different Enneagram schools and teachers have different and sometimes conflicting approaches.

What’s more, not much has been offered to suggest what this means, in practice, for our own development, until now that is! To fill this gap Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes have come together, drawing on their common vision and different backgrounds, to offer an ambitious 5-day retreat for this year only.

The Instincts and Subtypes Intensive will offer an in-depth and intensive experience of the six instinctual stances (the six possible ways in which the instincts can be “ordered”, previously called “stacking”) and the twenty-seven subtype personalities. It is designed to support and encourage you in doing the inner work needed to consciously rise above the habitual automatic reactivity of your personality.

This Open Space session, however, is simply an opportunity to talk to Bea and Uranio about their shared understanding of Instincts and Subtypes and/or to find out more about the workshop.


Open Space: Leadership Coaching & Profiling – Fergus Sullivan

This open space session is an opportunity to share and learn about the power of the Enneagram in a work setting. A series of case studies will be used to introduce the broad themes that underpin an Enneagram-based approach to coaching. Issues that will be addressed include:

  • The relationship between Type preference and behavioural competence
  • How to identify and play to the strengths inherent to Type
  • What development looks like for each type
  • The managerial blind-spots for each type

Fergus will address these questions by drawing on 16 years experience as an Executive Coach. Although he is lucky enough to have known the Enneagram all his adult life, Fergus is repeatedly inspired by its accuracy and power, on his own behalf and for the leaders with whom he works. In response to your questions, Fergus is also willing to talk about how the Enneagram informs other aspects of Sullivan Business Psychologists’ portfolio.


Open Space: Mundo Eneagrama – Uranio Paes

This Session is a chance to hear about the Global Enneagram Learning Community that is Mundo Eneagrama. Also, to raise questions arising from Uranio’s morning session, or indeed from other workshops.

Now operating in English and Spanish, in addition to the original Portuguese, the Mundo Eneagrama is for anyone who is interested in inner-work using the Enneagram. Whoever you are, whatever your cultural or spiritual background and whatever path you are currently on. Mundo Eneagrama is committed to:

  • Building better relationships in your world
  • Making the world a more conscious place, and
  • Being somewhere you can find resources and community to heal yourself and the world around you

Uranio Paes is Founder and CEO of an extraordinary and ambitious project with global reach. The Mundo Eneagrama Workshop programme and Faculty Team extends from Brazil to South Africa, Australia to West Coast America, across the UK and Europe.

Vitally, Mundo Eneagrama offers an extraordinary depth and breadth of resources including Enneagram material previously inaccessible to those of us who are only English language speakers.  As a Mundo Eneagrama member you have access to the full range of information and resources. These are available in a wide range of formats: on and off-line, live seminars and in-depth articles. Members benefit from:

  • Content: highest quality content available anywhere, in different formats, including focused Enneagram resources that hold the key to inner-growth
  • Concepts: cutting-edge Enneagram teachings, drawing on timeless wisdom from ancient spiritual traditions and the latest and best of current scientific theory
  • Concrete steps: we meet you wherever you are and offer steps for you to take your personal development to a new level
  • Community: meet amazing people to support and be supported
  • Continuity and Connection: a way to stay connected, with yourself, with others, with your learning pathway and Soul’s journey

A session to find out more about membership options, sample content and to ask questions.