About Us

The Team

Enneagram Alive is a team endeavor! Currently on the team: Rod Boreham, Heather Brown, Jane Carlton, Bethany Chamberlain, Rosemary Cowan, Teresa Daniels, Helen English, Jill Foulger, Grahame Morgan-Watson, Gordon Melvin, Judith Priest, Martin Quigley, Fergus Sullivan, Karen Webb and pro bono consultant Richard Holloway.

Helen English

I'm a Consultant, Life Coach and Facilitator specialising in the Enneagram: co-creating change in organisation, team & personal settings.

What most inspires you about the Enneagram?

After more than 15 years of exploring the Enneagram I'm as excited and inspired today as I was when I first discovered it - maybe more so. It's a constant source of insight into myself and others around me; into patterns that play out in all areas of life, work and relationships.

What would you most like to achieve through this group?

I'd love to help build a strong community of interest, dialogue and connection: a shared sense of conviction and purpose around the Enneagram, so more people can discover and enjoy its rich potential.

Heather Brown

I'm based in Hampshire and certified as a Teacher of the Enneagram in 2004. I'm an executive coach and Shiatsu practitioner and I enjoy exploring the connections between personality, spiritual development and bodywork.

What most inspires you about the Enneagram?

It's a compassionate, heart-based personality map that has really helped me understand myself and others better. Through that I'm becoming more flexible in my responses to situations (ie less limited by my automatic behaviour and emotional patterns) and I'm more able to relax, connect with others and have fun with life!

What would you most like to achieve through this group?

I know there are lots of people round the UK that use the Enneagram and I'd like to improve our ability to connect with each other and share ideas.

Grahame Morgan-Watson

A Riso-Hudson - Enneagram Institute Certified Teacher, offering Enneagram workshops and Coaching & Team facilitation. Inviting a spirit of collaboration & mutual support within the Enneagram community; sharing of insights & new ideas.

What most inspires you about the Enneagram?

The Enneagram helps us understand each other, fostering Compassion and Love in our Soul and in our Relationships.

What would you most like to achieve through this group?

Collaboration as an engine for growing the deeper aspects and dynamics that are behind the Enneagram.

Fergus Sullivan

Fergus Sullivan is a Senior Partner in Sullivan Business Psychologists who specialise in senior executive assessment for selection and/or talent development. He is a qualified psychologist with a MSc in Organisational Psychology and MSc in Developmental Psychology.

He is also a qualified executive coach and trainer (CIPD) who says; “I have been fortunate in having worked professionally with the Enneagram as a central pillar to my work and understanding of people. This has been invaluable over the past fourteen years in my work as an Executive Coach.”