About Enneagram Alive

Our mission is to help build a strong community of interest and dialogue, exploration and learning, centred on the Enneagram as a powerful resource for life and for positive change.

We know from experience that the Enneagram can change lives and communities. We want to spread the word, through this forum, because we’ve seen and felt the Enneagram’s positive impact in our own lives and with friends and colleagues, communities and businesses, in mindfulness and spiritual practice.

We’re committed to creating spaces where enthusiasm for The Enneagram can grow. Where we can learn, enjoy one another’s company, have great conversations and some fun too, learning more of Enneagram wisdom at the same time. We hope - for ourselves and our members - to apply that wisdom more fully in our daily lives to bring those things we long for: less conflict, more ease, energy, success, productivity, presence: whatever it may be!

We began in January 2014 as a small group of Enneagram enthusiasts and professionals, working mainly but not exclusively in the narrative tradition. Enneagram Alive is a forum for dialogue, exploration, encouragement and shared enthusiasm. We hope it’s a place where newcomers feel welcome, where enthusiasts can take their inquiry deeper and more experienced players can help share insight and experience.

- To get involved or take part in events, please ‘join us’: it’s the easiest way to keep up to date and stay posted
- If you have friends or colleagues who’d be interested, please tell them we’re here


Running an Enneagram Workshop in the South West?

All our meetings are hosted by qualified Enneagram professionals. You’re welcome to post a relevant event on the group calendar, provided it’s located in the South West and with input from a qualified Enneagram practitioner. Please contact organisers’ Helen or Heather to discuss.

Want more local Enneagram Events?

Our members help decide what happens, where and when. If you’d like to see more going on in your local area, could you help organise something, with support from the team? Please get in touch to share requests, ideas or suggestions.






Is this group for me?

As an Enneagram enthusiast: The Enneagram is familiar through workshops or coaching and you’re wondering; ‘what next? - how do I stay engaged and deepen my understanding?’ Perhaps you’d like to find new ways of working with and applying the Enneagram, in relationships, at work, in your mindfulness or tai chi practice – whatever it may be.

As an Enneagram professional: You’d like to build connections, hear about current developments, exchange ideas, explore how to bring the Enneagram to life and reach a broader audience, have opportunities to deepen your learning, share and practice Enneagram skills… etc!

As an (intrigued) newcomer: The Enneagram has caught your attention, you're feeling curious and want to know more? Nothing beats face to face learning and first hand experience. This is particularly true of the Enneagram - as you'll find out when you come along!